MLA 2018, NYC–Call for Working Group Participants


Our working group seeks participants whose scholarship reflects on the notion of ecological citizenship.

The goals of the group include (1) contemplating the diverse ways in which ecological citizenship is revealed in literary works (any period), as well as through its various modes of public witnessing, (2) compiling a metabibliography, and (3) reflecting on the diverse ways in which ecological citizenship enriches curricula. We will reflect on how the two modes of literature and activism have influenced each other, and, in turn, how their intersections have influenced public policy.

Prior to the Convention, workgroup members will participate in ongoing discussions, and share research and resources in the dedicated MLA Commons area. Papers will be pre-distributed before the MLA, in order to facilitate productive discussions during the two or three morning sessions. Our workgroup sessions will be guided by three questions: How is ecological citizenship represented in literature and/or advocacy? Who/what is categorically left out? How can the public humanities be used to broadcast findings?

Potential topics:

  • Theories of ecological citizenship
  • Literary examples (all genres, periods) of ecological citizenship
  • Legislative examples that embed or prompt ecological citizenship
  • Virtual Ecological Citizenship
  • Case studies where “citizens of the world” demonstrate ecological activism.
  • Non-western histories
  • Indigenous histories
  • Exclusions (stateless and non-human animals)
  • Corporate citizens
  • Local and global
  • Agency
  • Resistance
  • Transformation

Proposals should include a 400 word abstract and two paragraph CV to and by 3/27.